a medium close up of a shirtless person hunched over, their head buried in crossed arms and hair covering their face. their hand grasps their upper arm, centered in the frame.
a tree drapes the left side of the frame, while to the right, a window reflects intricate branches of a tree behind the camera.
a dead leaf sits centered in the frame, on top of brick sidewalk. green grass grows through cracks in the brick.

2016 | 5'40" 

written, directed, shot, and edited by k. stark

funded by Cinefemme with support from SFSU School of Cinema

In the year 2076, a cyborg finds moving images made by their great-grandmother in the last years of celluloid. Looking at these images, they are struck by the past, causing them to dig into their own memories, history, and identity. 

Gleaned from footage of the filmmaker's life, 2076 looks at the ways in which familial history and queer identity are communicated through the photographic image. 

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