Program Director | August 2016- May 2017

Curator | 2014-2016

The Great Wall of Oakland is a non-profit organization and a 100′x100′ projection installation in Oakland’s Uptown District. Our mission is to activate and enliven public space in our community, give talented local artists a prominent place to screen their work, and to enrich the lives of the people who live and work in Oakland. As a free outdoors arts venue in the heart of Oakland, the Great Wall serves an extremely diverse population. On average, roughly 25,000 people interact with the Great Wall of Oakland each year. In addition to commissioning new work for the Wall, the Great Wall also runs a Teaching-Artist-in-Residence program in local schools, as well as a project that offers local residents the opportunity to get hands-on experience in small-gauge video creation.

The Digital Pulse - February 2015  (Associate Curator) | A program exploring rhythm, digital abstraction, and mathematics with selections by the Great Wall’s Curatorial Committee. Works by Sandra Araujo, Guang Zhu, Matteo Pasin, and Shannon Novak.


Quotidian Hypnosis - November 2015 (Lead Curator) | A program of films that illustrate the quotidian using many formal elements of hypnosis (slow motion, dissolve, superimposition, structuralism). Participating artists Heather Engen, Talia Feder, Kuesti Fraun, Vivian G, Holly Wilson, Laura Gower, and Alexei Dmitriev.


Where Now? - October 2016 (Lead Curator/Program Director) | Where Now? looks at the refiguration of city space and architecture - a city in flux, deconstruction, and suspension. Featuring work by Will Hurt, Adrian Regnier, and Brandon Woodruff. 

Writ Large: Poem Fields + Motion Poems - November 2016 (Program Director) | Writ Large is proud to present the Bay Area premeire of Stan VanDerBeek’s “Poem Fields” series (new transfers of these late-60s computer-generated works), as well as a curated selection of highlights from the Motionpoems series pairing poets with filmmakers, followed by a “Too Hot for Art Murmur” screening featuring karaoke-based works.

On the Road (w/ Mobile Arts Platform) - December 2016 (Program Director) |

On the Road is a series of projects addressing the rapid migration, displacement, and gentrification currently happening in Oakland. In 2016 the Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) and the Great Wall of Oakland began partnering to create “On the Road”, a mobile video screening and interactive art-making project that will transform a classic 1963 Ford Falcon van into a community engagement tool that will travel throughout Oakland exploring the changes and migration patterns happening in this rapidly evolving city, and in particular, the impacts to artists. This collaboration will be the perfect partnership to create a mobile video screening project that can directly engage Oakland communities. “On the Road” is appropriate at this pivotal moment with rents skyrocketing, new businesses moving in and many long time residents being displaced. We hope to provide a platform to chart this social change through free video screenings featuring films by artists exploring these themes as well as interactive art projects that will invite participants to share their community voice. These events will be free of charge to the public.

For our first installation in December 2016 at the Great Wall, and an annexed parking lot space near the corner of Telegraph and Grand Ave., we will be exploring the ever changing history of Oakland and will be screening films resonating with this theme from early PBA's from the 1920's - 1970's in addition to contemporary pieces by video artists working in the city today. Featuring work by: Michael Salu, Nelson Enriquez, students from Oakland School of the Arts, and Mobile Arts Platform.

On Celluloid - February 2017 (Program Director) | Highlighting the virtues and possibilities inherent in film stock, On Celluloid pairs modern experimental works with classics, centering on topics of light, the body, and landscape. Featuring films by Michael Walsh, Tomonari Nishikawa, Standish Lawder, Michael Wawzenek + Traci Hercher, Gary Beydler, and more.

On the Road (w/ Mobile Arts Platform) - March 2017 (Program Director) | Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) and the Great Wall of Oakland present a series of films that approach and critique the changing landscapes of Oakland - focusing on subjects such as gentrification, historical documentation and preservation, and the vibrancy and beauty of our city. Mobile Arts Platform will also facilitate a conversation between The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Prelinger Archives, and Shayyan Ahmad + Santana Bellas of “The Gentrification of Oakland.” Featuring works by: BAVC, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Richard Hernandez, and Prelinger Archives.

OCEBA (Oakland Congress for Experience-Based Art) - March 2017 (Co-organizer) | A two-part, two-day convening of non-commercial, artist-run, and experimental spaces in Oakland in which participant groups come together to identify challenges and resources, to discuss opportunities, and collectively work together to identify solutions to the rapid changes that are impacting the art community.

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