a hand is superimposed over the body of a statue, seen from below. on top of this composite image, white text reads: i am delighted by your alchemy turning everything in my kingdom to gold.
superimposed images: a statue, hands, a nude torso, and trees. they come together to create a composition of interlocking hands, bodies, and branches.
a superimposed image of sheets, a crouched body, and a body laying on their stomach. the folds and textures all interconnect to create the composition.

2014 // 5'19"

written, shot, directed, and edited by karly stark 

"I remember I told you the universe looks like a whole lot of something up close, but now I feel like I am orbiting around it." 

Delighted By Your Alchemy explores the memory of a sexual relationship after its dissolution, illuminating the particular intensity that accompanies one's first queer experiences. The film uses superimposition to queer the notion of sex and memory, as well as to blur the boundary between the filmmaker and the subject. 

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