poster for Frameline 40. Frameline's logo frames an image of a sparkling crown. Blue and black text below reads: Frameline 40 The king of queer film festivals.
a still from Do Not Think For a Moment. A close up of an individual with dyed blonde hair looking off screen. Behind them, a balcony railing and sparkling city lights. It is dusk.
A still from Vessels. Two individuals sit on a couch, while an individual stands in the kitchen behind them, filling two injection needles with fluids. Blue light bathes the entire scene.

June 25, 2016

Roxie Theater, San Francisco

Running time: 75 mins

The strength and resilience of the queer community and family is at the fore in this diverse program of shorts. Pink Boy showcases the love between a butch mother and her feminine son. An anxious high school student scrambles to get back the love letter he accidentally sent to his crush in Bittersweet. Three Asian American women share their experiences, frustrations, and identity amid the backdrop of San Francisco's Castro District and other neighborhoods in Do Not Think For a Moment. In the experimental sci-fi short Persistence of Memory, a reserved programmer grapples with the loss of her beloved as she begins employment at a controversial tech company specializing in artificial companions. A young transgender woman considers a dangerous black market procedure that may be her only way to access gender affirming care in Vessels. And, written by Janaya Green when she was a high school senior in Chicago's South Side neighborhood, Veracity explores the tensions and stigma of being queer in the Black community, as well as the ways in which we save each other.

With special thanks to the Queer Cinema Institute at San Francisco State University

Curated by Karly Stark
Co-Presented by the Queer Cinema Institute + San Francisco Cinematheque
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