opening night in a gallery space, white walls, a video screen and painting. a couple dozen people gather in the space, and one individual sits on a bench in the center of the frame, watching a video off screen.

The Art Gallery @ San Francisco State University

February 26 - March 18, 2015

Quoting Ourselves comprises a queer archive in which artists critically engage with their own histories and mythologies in order to deconstruct "Queer History" and create a new future in which queer histories are created by queers themselves. Featuring the works of Indira Allegra, Sam Berliner, Allan D Avila-Espena, Rob Fatal, Meehaun Glasper-Wade, Jamil Hellu, Nia King, Bo Luengsuraswat, Jex Nguyen, and L Schmidt. Quoting Ourselves presents self portraiture, subjective film essays, poetry, interactive video games, radical zines, and diary photography that focus on the notions of visibility and invisibility. The Archive also presents a greatly-anticipated reading and lecture by writer and art activist Nia King, author of "Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of our Lives" (2014). Quoting Ourselves: A Queer Archive invites you to take space, explore, and imagine what is possible when we quote ourselves.

Curated by Karly Stark
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